TNPAC Fundraising Competition Results

The results of the first annual TNPAC fundraising competition among the TNMBA local chapters are in, and there is a clear winner. Knoxville Mortgage Bankers Association absolutely crushed it by raising $10,050 in donations to TNPAC! Nashville Mortgage Bankers Association followed with $2,694, while the Mortgage Bankers Association of Memphis added $1,815. That is a combined total of $15,009 added to the TNPAC account in two short months, which means we have more than doubled the balance and easily exceeded the goal of having $25,000 in the TNPAC account by the end of 2019.

At the beginning of my term as president of TNMBA, I identified the need of significantly increasing the balance in our PAC account so that our lobbyist, Tony Thompson, could be more effective in his efforts of representing our industry and our members in the state legislature. Organized and effective advocacy is what separates TNMBA from all other mortgage associations in our state, and it is arguably the most important aspect of TNMBA’s mission. Advocacy is certainly part of TNMBA’s heritage and a crucial part of our mission. Ernest P. Schumacher, who founded TNMBA 60 years ago, was also the founder and first chairman or MORPAC, the national MBA’s political action committee. Advocacy is part of the DNA of TNMBA.

I am extremely gratified and proud that members of TNMBA have acknowledged the importance of advocacy with their generous donations. I thank each member, each company, and each local chapter listed on the TNMBA website as contributors to TNPAC in 2019. You can be proud knowing that as TNMBA celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2020 that we have the highest balance in our TNPAC account in the history of our organization.

As I said, I identified a need, and I had a few thoughts about how to approach the task, but I didn’t have the idea for an actionable plan to succeed. That idea came in September at our annual planning meeting from Aimee MacIlveen. Aimee is the one who suggested a competition among the local chapters would work, and she was fairly confident she knew which chapter would lead the way. Aimee was right on both counts. This competition was so successful that it will now be an annual tradition.

To honor Aimee’s contribution, her idea, and her passion for TNMBA’s advocacy efforts, I am pleased to present for the first time The Aimee MacIlveen TNPAC Fundraising Award to Knoxville Mortgage Bankers Association. Which local chapter will take it home next year? Ask Aimee. KMBA is the winner, our members are the ones who will benefit. To Aimee and to each one who made a donation to TNPAC this year, I am profoundly grateful.

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