Certified Mortgage Banker

The Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB®) designation is the industry standard of professional success. It symbolizes respect, credibility, ethics and achievement within real estate finance. The TMBA is proud of those in our State who have achieved this honor:

Residential CMB’s

Dianne Payne, CMB – Nashville

James E. New, CMB – Spring Hill

Jeff Tucker, CMB, AMP – Nashville

Judy Wheatley, CMB, CRU – Nashville

West Beibers, CMB – Memphis

Retta Gardner, CMB – Murfreesboro

Tammie L. Gravlee, CMB, AMP

Debbie Gadberry, CMB

Phillip A Donoho, CMB

Commercial CMB’s

Jon Van Hoozer, CMB – Memphis

Mast CMB’s

Dana C. Abernathy, CMB, AMP – Greenbrier

Davant Latham, CMB – Memphis

Dawn Barker, CMB – Memphis

Donald A. Gilliam, CMB – Tullahoma

Jack Miller Potts, CMB – Knoxville

James M. Beaty, CMB – Memphis

James Michael Moore, CMB, AMP – Knoxville

James P. McCann, CMB, AMP – Nashville

Kenneth E. Reynolds, CMB – Brentwood

Lawrence S. Graber, CMB – Germantown

Phillip Stephen Freeman, CMB – Brentwood

Richard T. Wood, III, CMB – Memphis

Robert Nolte, CMB, AMP – Brentwood

Robert W. Fidler, CMB – Brentwood

Scott E. Ractliffe, CMB, AMP – Nashville

Stephen R. Smith, CMB, AMP – Brentwood