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Decisions made by the state legislature impact all of us! TNMBA and TNPAC need your help to ensure that our voices are heard and that our state legislators learn more about our industry. This takes all of us and more.

Please consider helping us support candidates who share our industry views by donating to TNPAC with personal and corporate contributions. We’d like to recognize you as a donor at the Great River Conference as well as on the TNMBA website.

Help protect the mortgage industry in Tennessee by making a contribution today. Thank you to the following donors:


Make sure our legislators hear us. Don’t let someone else decide your future.

Aimee MacIlveen TNPAC Fundraising Award:

2019 Knoxville Mortgage Bankers Association — $10,050

Presidential Level – $500 or more

Stephen Smith, CMB, AMP
Jeff Tucker, CMB, AMP
The Commonwealth Group
Eric Fellows
Karley Bond
Phillis Burnett
JR Huber
KMBA 2019 Board of Directors
KMBA Chapter
KMBA Fundraiser Events

Senatorial Level – $250 to $499

Tiffany Wright
Jeff Devereaux
Dana Abernathy
Katie Clements
Janette Burgin
Aimee MacIlveen
Donna Boling
Kim Miller
Lisa Lanik
Lacy Husk

Representative Level – $100 to $249

Lacy Wallace
Don Klein
Deborah Gadberry
Nick Huber
Laura Hollis
Katy Berry Spake
Ann Bell
Susan Bergland
Kim Carmen
Justin Lee

Citizen Level – Any amount less than $100

Kimberly Carmen
Lauren McKinney
Edna Price
Jacqueline Windham
Kevin Tuscan
Sue Anne Cobb
Joel Mosby
LaShonda Todd
Manuel Boyadjran
Darla Boston
Marcia Russell
Jeff McEvoy
Stephen Bramlitt
David Umsted
Jason Woods
Rod Lovelace
O’Hara Keszler
Andy O’Fee
Darla Boston
Lauren Hahs-Gilchrist
Lindsey Whitworth


Political Action Committee

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TNPAC is the Tennessee Mortgage Bankers Association’s voluntary, non-partisan and statewide grassroots lobbying network of real estate finance industry professionals. TNPAC is our industry’s voice! As the only PAC that directly represents the interests of the entire real estate finance industry in our state’s political system, TNPAC is essential in helping to elect state and federal congressional candidates who understand and listen to our industry’s views on critical issues.

Join and use your voice to make a positive difference for your career and our industry.

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