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Decisions made by the state legislature impact all of us! TNMBA and TNPAC need your help to ensure that our voices are heard and that our state legislators learn more about our industry. This takes all of us and more.

Please consider helping us support candidates who share our industry views by donating to TNPAC with personal and corporate contributions. We’d like to recognize you as a donor at the Great River Conference as well as on the TNMBA website.

Help protect the mortgage industry in Tennessee by making a contribution today. Thank you to the following donors:

Make sure our legislators hear us. Don’t let someone else decide your future.

Aimee MacIlveen TNPAC Fundraising Award:

Presidential Level – $500 or more

Dana Abernathy

Karley Bond
Katie Clements
Jeff Devereaux
Eric Fellows
Tammie Gravlee
Greg Hays
Kim Miller
Jeff Tucker

Michele Hoefle

Aimee MacIlveen

Donna Boling

Janette Burgin

Adam Greene

Teresa Collins

Lindsey Whitworth

Nathalie De la Torre

Kim Carman

Chris Burleson

JR Huber

Edna Price

Susan Bentlley

Lindsey Whitworth

KMBA Chapter

Marissa French

Janette Burgin

Senatorial Level – $250 to $499

Lora Ann Bell
David Menke
Alexander Weems
Tiffany Wright, AMP

Paul Cook

David Gunn

Amanda Sue Gardner

Retta Gardner

Lisa Lanik

Kim Carman

Eric Fellows

Deborah Windisch

David Gunn

Jeff Devereaux

Gregory Messer

Lacy Husk

Cynthia Fleenor

Aimee MacIlveen

Representative Level – $100 to $249

Manuel Boyadjian
Brandon Burks
John Fleming
Hugo Garofalo
Rob Henger
Lorie Jaynes
Bond Karley
Dave McDowell
Brad Spurgeon

Matt Wright

Lori Jaynes

Adam Shelton

Dakota Miller

Gregory Messer

Dan Dalton

AJ Hoist

Maryann Azambuja

Amber Caldwell

Cynthia Fleenor

Gary Sturm

Richard Swan

Debbie Hill

Donna Crye

Frank Myers

Michael Hodges

Sharon Rivers

Wes Whitehead

Teresa Yokley

Valerie Privett

Jeff Seagraves

Eric Wolburg

Karen Hackney

Lisa Lanik

Edna Price

Wendy Robsinson

Leslie McLeroy

Citizen Level – Anything less than $100

Sandra Alexander
Pamela Balk
Taylor Birmingham
Deborah Gadberry
LaShondra Todd
Paul Weeks

Brian Smith

Hailey Neds

Brigitte Harris

Lauren Smith

Bradley Pruitt

Rhonda Courtney

Adam Buice

Amanda Bennard

Christian Penna

Henry Sanchez

Sarrah Gaston

Autumn Lane

Jan King

Jessica Burrell

Kelly Hairrell

Kristin Lewis

Ronda Day

Suzanne Piscitello

Christine Hurd

Don Armstrong

Kelly Collins

Scott Worley

Will Barnhill

Beth Blagojevic

Brandon Parrish

Chelsea Romaine

Christine Celik

Eric Nielsen

Jamie Long

Josh Travis

Katie Bailey

Kim Orr

Kim West

Kristin Abouelata

Lindsey Wood

Rylee Peters

Sierra Brooks

Corey Freels

Gary Robillard

Alex Nauman

Bob Thompson

Cassie Milligan

Christopher Langston

Jamie Ann Utton

Katy McCall

Kristie Morrow

Nancy Boru

Rick Boyd

Tanya Brown

Zach Lange

Dawn Campbell

Natalie Vann

Tara Agee

Victoria Flowers

Christina Scurlock

Erin Colebrooke

Andy Munsey

Leslie Paige Dawson

Paul Watson

Shannon Cabrera

Sherri Profeta

Sherry McHaffie

Tandy Shuler

Jennifer Green

Emily Strange

Moneek Langston

Robert Carter

Kelsey Deel

Kevin Rhea

Lisa Hearn

Loda Rae Wylie

Maranda Boothe

Terre W Webb

Amanda Holman

Amy Gilliam

Melissa McArthur

Justin Kennedy

Cathy Neubert

Kim Martin

Shea Martin

Holly Bennett Clark

Jeremy Shoemaker

Kim Moye

Linda McDowell

Chasity Marie Howard

Marnie Applegate

Norma Sheldon

Shannon Ochiltree

Stephen Gassert

Sheri Hackler Redmond

Barry Sharp

Colleen Robinson

Greg Mathews

Kim Swann

Chris White

Aubrianne Knowlton

Ronnie Wilson

Vicki Williams

Darren Osborne

Dianne Rymer

Pat Gossett

Jennifer Torgeson

Joan Moore

Bob Hefty

Mark Griffith

Allison Obryan

Meghan Barnes

Gail Parker

Scott Holman

Daren Poppen

Susan Bradley

Mandy Henry

Jackie Pullen

Christy Mounger

Zach Wooten

Dawn Foster

Michael Sutton


Political Action Committee

Tennessee Law Legal System Concept

TNPAC is the Tennessee Mortgage Bankers Association’s voluntary, non-partisan and statewide grassroots lobbying network of real estate finance industry professionals. TNPAC is our industry’s voice! As the only PAC that directly represents the interests of the entire real estate finance industry in our state’s political system, TNPAC is essential in helping to elect state and federal congressional candidates who understand and listen to our industry’s views on critical issues.

Join and use your voice to make a positive difference for your career and our industry.

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