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Decisions made by the state legislature impact all of us! TNMBA and TNPAC need your help to ensure that our voices are heard and that our state legislators learn more about our industry. This takes all of us and more.

Please consider helping us support candidates who share our industry views by donating to TNPAC with personal and corporate contributions. We’d like to recognize you as a donor at the Great River Conference as well as on the TNMBA website.

Help protect the mortgage industry in Tennessee by making a contribution today. Thank you to the following donors:

Make sure our legislators hear us. Don’t let someone else decide your future.

Aimee MacIlveen TNPAC Fundraising Award:

Presidential Level $500>

Aimee MacIlveen, AMP
Amanda Mize
Charles Ricketts
Christine Rhea
Dana Abernathy, CMB
Debbie Gadberry, CMB
Debbie Windisch
Donna Boling
Edna Price
Eric Fellows
Greg Hays
Janette Burgin
Jeff McEvoy
Jeff Tucker, CMB
JR Huber
Karley Bond, AMP
Katie Clements, AMP
Kevin Currier
Kim Carman
Kim Miller
Lacy Husk
Lindsey Withworth
Lisa Lanik
Marci Baltz
Matt Wright, CMB
Nathan Guerrero
Rodney Robinson
Sharon Rivers
Tammie Gravlee, CMB
The Farmers Bank
Tiffany Searcy Wright, CMB
Todd Brown

Senatorial Level $250 – $499

Alicia Howard
Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions
Black Knight
Brandon Burks
Charlie Land
Confluent Strategies
Cynthia Fleenor
First Community Mortgage
First Horizon Bank
Jeff Devereaux
Joan Moore
Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann, PC
Michael Wiegert
Michel Jacobs
Mortgage Investors Group
National MI
New American Funding
Optimal Blue
Pamela Balk
Robert Chapman

Representative Level $100 – $249

A J Holst
Adam Shelton
Alexis Gravlee
Amy Harper
Barhyt Henry
Chris Peugeot
Christopher Glenn
Connie Stressel
David Menke
Dianne Rymer
Ella Harris, CMB
Eric Cleaves
Gina Profeta
Graham Sims
Greg Scealf
Jeff Seagraves
Jennifer Bailey
Jeremy Less
Jerry Summers
Jill Dyer
John Bell
John Phillips
JP Guess
Justin Harris
Karie Duke
Katy Spake
Kim Flanary
Kritin Lewis
Laura Hollis
Lauren Hahs-Gilchrist
Lee Townsend
Lori Lavender
Lorie Jaynes
Manuel Boyadjian
Marci Russell
Mark Sykes
Martin Plumlee
Maryann Azambuja
Mel Evans
Melanie Reeves
Meribeth LaBarreare
Michael Dorris
Miguel Vega
Mike Wells
Paul Cook
Rees Hodges
Rick McGlohn
Robert Villalon
Scott Sorin
Sherry Fetzer
Sue Walls
Susan Bentley
Suzanne Piscitello
Tammy Henderson
Tim Sotelo
Vicki Willians
Whit Agee

Citizen Level <$100

Angie Miller
Anita Materra
Ashley Quesenberry
Austin Burress
Bobby Reynolds
Bonita Greene
Casey Hodge
Darlene Meade
Darren Osborne
David Hamilton
David Oiler
Donovan Haga
Holly Walsh
Jaun Marsh
Jennifer Green, CMB
Jeremy Johnson
Jo Settlemeyer
John Fleming
Kedar Howard
Kelsey Deel
Kristen Abouelata
Laurie Nichols
Lea Murphy
Lisa Hearn
Madison Ralston
Marnie Applegate
Matt Smith
Melissa Al-Rifai
Michael Abbott
Mike Vallie
Nicholas Ring
Nikki Frazier
Penny Pavitt
Phillip Donoho, CMB
Rick Mccreadie
Rusty Wienk
Sandra Parsons
Sandy Moore
Shea Martin
Sheena Corbett
Shelia Luckado
Sherry McHaffie
Sonya Pollard
Stephen Roadman
Tamara Roller
Tara Roddy
Tina Henson
Tina Wright
Tom Burnett
Tony Grubbs
Wendi Carter
Zach Wooten

 Political Action Committee

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TNPAC is the Tennessee Mortgage Bankers Association’s voluntary, non-partisan and statewide grassroots lobbying network of real estate finance industry professionals. TNPAC is our industry’s voice! As the only PAC that directly represents the interests of the entire real estate finance industry in our state’s political system, TNPAC is essential in helping to elect state and federal congressional candidates who understand and listen to our industry’s views on critical issues.

Join and use your voice to make a positive difference for your career and our industry.

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